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Published: 28th September 2011
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For natural looking tape hair extensions, you'll need not only to apply tape hair at the back, but on both sides as well. Part the side area of your hair horizontally, make it an inch above your ear and an inch from your hair line. Then, take a section of hair and place the tape hair beneath it. Press firmly. This is just the same process you did with your back hair. For the side area, you may need around 2 to 3 rows to make your extensions look real.

If you suddenly happen to have an urgent occasion that urges you to have a significantly long hair, Australia hair extensions will provide an extensive scale of solution to this problem. Be it a minute of hair extension solution up to hours of method, it will give an extremely nice and real looking hair extensions.

Basic Information about Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are just one of the many types of extensions which can be a great alternative for clip in ones. From the word itself, tape extensions use double sided tapes, one side for the track of the hair extension, and the other for its application to the natural hair. These are attached not on the scalp. Rather, it is places close to the scalp on both the back and the side parts of the hair. Weft hair extensions can last up to 3 months, but still depends upon how it was used. For the reason that the adhesive used is a tape, it will further on fall over and will need a replacement. Tapes can last from 4 to 6 weeks, so you may still use the hair extension after replacing its tape. Better if you'll buy a roll of double sided tapes for the reapplication of your extensions.

Women with thin hair must opt for the sandwich method of applying the hair tapes. This method initially takes a small section of the natural hair. It then puts one weft beneath the hair and another one above the natural hair. This successfully results to a thicker and longer hair.

Since the consistency of each adhesive tape is not 100% similar, you may have extensions that no longer stick to your hair and some that are still intact. And if you'll try to look at it, you'll realize that it won't look nice to have unbalanced proportions of hair volume. For this reason you'll need to remove all the existing hair tapes. These tapes are not the ordinary ones. You will have to use spray removal solutions or tape hair extensions remover spray. To easily remove the stick, use the solution along with a small amount of eucalyptus oil. Spray a significant amount of remover spray onto the tapes. Rub them gently with your fingers and then pull them apart.

The application of this extension can be done in a salon or at home. For you not to spend more than the cost of the extension itself, you may no longer need a professional help. After successfully putting each weave hair, comb the natural hair to be able to cover up the tracks. This will result to a nice looking, long lasting hair extension. The only downside of this method is that it can stress up the scalp and then cause hair damage if not properly done.

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